Ripple Stereo is here to entertain and inform the community.  We are independent so we can play and talk about what YOU want to hear.  Our way is simple - which means we play a wide variety of music. 

You'll hear everything from Led Zepplin, Country to the latest hits.  We don't have to worry about "the man" breathing down our neck, telling us what to play.  We play whatever YOU want to hear.  We also focus on what's important to our Communities, reporting on news, events and weather.

We offer an alternative to mainstream radio and commercial radio stations with our distinctive blend of music and speech programming.  You'll hear soul, jazz, reggae, blues, house, RnB, hip-hop and funk - presented by people with a genuine passion for the music they play.  And while Ripple Stereo is musically orientated, local & national news, weather, traffic conditions, reviews, film criticisms, interviews, competitions, sports, science, local history, health & fitness, mental health & wellbeing, theatre, quizzes, political coverage, debates, religion and the arts all have their place in the schedule. One of our goals is to serve charity-organisations in the areas in which we live and work.  We are open for nominations for charities that we will support during the year - so please submit your nominations to us.

Ripple Stereo is your neighbor, your co-worker and your friend.

Welcome to Ripple Stereo




Advertising on Ripple Stereo can assist your business generate more traffic, generate more sales and increase your profit and awareness.


Compared to written advertisement, sound is more effectively stored in memory.  In addition, there is the ability to instil emotion and also allows listerners to use their imagination to create their own image of the product/service.

Ripple Stereo firmly believes that we have to stand together and support charities where we can.  Whether it is for animals, the enviroment or the community, we believe in supporting them all.

To us involvement doesn't just mean to throw some money towards a charity and say we assisted.  It's about being part of the community, spending our time and putting in effort to make make a big difference.


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Ripple Stereo aims in having presenters from  a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds that range from ex-journalists, sports and in-house professionals. 

Our presenters are unique and all share a great passion for radio broadcasting and music.

Each of our presenters is a specialist in his or her field.  Together, we make sure you’re entertained every minute of the day.

We bring you commentary, pre-match and post-match analysis.  All The blow by blow accounts on all things live sport.  We cover major events with a highly capable team.

Enjoy our wide variety of presenters and their shows, aimed at keeping our listeners informed, educated and entertained.

Meet your Ripple Stereo Team here...

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We have Outside Broadcast (OB) facilities to cater for any of our clients needs, giving you the best in broadcasting and promotional experience. 


Get in touch with us so we can discuss your specific needs regarding our Outside Broadcasting Services.

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